About Ultra Pet

What is Ultra Pet food?

  • Our veterinary quality, scientifically engineered pet food is made for South African dogs and cats living in our local conditions. Ultra Dog and Ultra Cat are formulated using the combined expertise of both our in-house animal nutritionist and veterinarian to create a range of high-quality products that your pet will love.

Why should you choose our pet food?

  • We are the only pet food brand in South Africa to offer a Pet Accident cover policy simply by purchasing our food every month. See our APP or website for more details.
  • Our recipes and range have been developed by a highly skilled group of Nutrition and Industry experts.
  • Our pet food is manufactured in a world-class, brand new facility in Johannesburg, ensuring only the highest quality standards
  • Some of our range includes fresh meat, which is a better source of protein, which ensures a much tastier meal for your pet
  • Being involved in the Ultra Dog range gives you access to the best pet food APP in South Africa. Download it now and get access to our UltraSure program and other cool bits of interesting content.
  • Every few months we offer a great giveaway promotion in stores – you don’t want to miss out!
  • We offer a 100% money back guarantee on our products - so if you or your pet are not happy for whatever reason, simply return the bag and left-over product for a full refund.

Our Quality Promise

Ultra Dog and Ultra Cat are South African pet foods developed in partnership with an animal nutritionist and a veterinarian. As a result, each of our products are scientifically engineered to the highest possible standards and our entire range is FFSC22000 certified. We pride ourselves in the quality of our pet food and confidently promise a 100% money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied.